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Current & Upcoming Classes and Workshops


This morning movement class uses yoga asana and somatic practices to promote deep sensing, develop anatomical awareness, and activate embodied curiosity. A place to play, awaken, and repattern at the start of your week! We will move through a slow, strength-oriented flow combined with somatic practices inspired by dance and movement therapies such as Body-Mind Centering, Hanna Somatics, and Bartenieff Fundamentals that help you explore, refine, and expand your movement patterns. For all bodies and all movement backgrounds.

Monday mornings
at Sadhana Center, Hudson NY
sign up or show up:


Past  Workshops & Retreats


Body Sense: Embodied Anatomy & Movement Research
Sundays 5:30 - 7pm • October 16th - December 18th, 2022
at Sadhana Center for Yoga and Meditation

A fall class series that uses visual research, yogic practice, somatic exercises, and improvisational movement to investigate anatomical themes as they live in our bodies.

Explore how visual, factual, and intuited anatomical knowledge can inform your experience of embodiment through guided somatic movement, discussion, and the play of dance. For all bodies.

$20/session • drop-ins welcome

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Gravity Lab: a movement improvisation workshop series with Rebecca Posner and Charlotte Stickles
Sundays July 10|17|24, 5pm - 7pm

What does it mean to move in relationship? How can this inform how we live in our bodies? How we relate to space and each other? And how we express through movement?

Gravity is our primary relationship, as bodies, and the force with which we constantly move. It is the seed of all embodied relationships - with self, with space, and with others. This dance lab and somatic exploration is intended for all bodies to explore this interplay as a means for developing embodied awareness and building improvisation skills.Join Charlotte Stickles and Rebecca Posner in an immersive series that pulls from dance improvisation, movement therapy, somatics, and reflective writing to dive deep into physical inquiry to feed your creative practice and relational self.

Intended to be taken as a 3-week series, we'll build on these relationships each week:
July 10: Self and Gravity
July 17: Self and Space
July 24: Self and Other


Anchor 1

Embodying Fascia

March 7th, 2021  |  5:30pm - 8pm EST

Gain an experiential understanding of fascia's qualities and functions in the body, as an ever-present structural, emotional, and communicatory resource. Through an interplay of movement exploration and anatomical study, we will engage with our own intuitive understandings of this fluid organ and dip into the mappings and understandings from experts in this still emerging field of research. 

We'll use an understanding of the substantive qualities of fascia to inform our ability to effectively and sensitively use movement and touch to create different experiences for ourselves. Through anatomical images and embodied exploration, we will study the maps of fascial connection identified by researchers, and often reflected in the energetic anatomical systems of non-Western healing lineages. This workshop is intended as a creative interplay between information and sensed experience, as a way to gain a basic understanding of fascia and deepen your sensitivity, curiosity, and awareness of your own embodied experience. No prior movement experience or anatomical knowledge is required. 

Registration closed.


Sacred Emergence: a spring equinox virtual retreat

with Lauren Slivosky

March 19th - 21st,  2021  |  online and in your world  

Each spring and fall the equinox brings day and night into equilibrium.  In the spring, this balance reminds us that light will surpass darkness as new life emerges from thawing earth.  This cycle also marks a year since the time that our global reality drastically transformed--we’ve been shook by this reality and its reverb is still alive in our bones.


Sacred Emergence is a 3 day retreat in the virtual platform to celebrate, grieve, heighten awareness, take care of yourself, find magic in the mundane and connect with others doing the same.  Together, yet apart, we will use breath, body, meditation and ritual to "locate" ourselves in this moment, and honor it within a cycle of reemergence.  We (Rebecca and Lauren) will be leading various somatic based practices as a container for personal exploration of internal and external space. We will create opportunities for intimacy, play, and transformation in our surroundings and inside our own bodies.

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