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As a mover, creator, educator, and flesh-and-bone earthling, I am in an ongoing investigation of how our material bodies function as sentient, interconnected systems. I have been a teacher of movement and yoga for over a decade, with a focus on embodied anatomy and somatic movement practices. I have advanced certifications and trainings in Thai bodywork, Body-Mind Centering, Laban/Bartinieff Movement Studies, Franklin Method for Fascial Training and Hanna Somatics. 

Soma-Work is my synthesized offering of this continuing research in the form of bodywork and movement education. Private sessions are based in Thai Yoga Therapy and integrate elements of other somatic practice and anatomical education. Like my classes, this work invites deep exploration focused on developing new patterns in the body through awareness, discipline, and play. 


I also teach and make as a writer and interdisciplinary artist, creating object, performance, and pedagogical experiments at the intersection of movement, media, and language. You can find more about my other projects at

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