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Liability Release Statement

The purpose of this bodywork treatment is for relaxation and not meant to diagnose or treat any illness, disease or any other physical or mental disorder, injury or condition. If you have a specific medical condition or symptom, receiving or performing bodywork may be contraindicated or require modification. A referral from your primary care provider may be requested prior to receiving and/or performing bodywork. Rebecca Posner will not be held liable for any injury or similar condition that arises from the application of bodywork.

I hold harmless, Rebecca Posner, from any complications which may arise from medical information withheld or inaccurately presented. I understand that Rebecca Posner does not diagnose illness or any other physical or psychological disorders, and that Thai Yoga Bodywork does not to replace any prescribed medical treatment.

I understand that Rebecca Posner reserves the right to deny treating any due to certain medical conditions or improper behavior.

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